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guided tours
conosciamo gli strumenti (let's get to know the instruments)
Behind every instrument on exhibit in the Museum there is a story. Who used to own the beautiful inlaid mandolins? Who commissioned the Stradivari? How do you play a nail violin? Which is the sound of a hurdy-gurdy? Each instrument has something to tell us and something for us to hear.

For groups of at least 5 people and for primary and secondary schools, up to a maximum of 23 participants.
Larger groups can be eventually divided in consecutive shorter tours (20-30 minutes each)
Period: tours usually take place from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 am on
Duration: 45 minutes
Prices: 8 Euro per person for groups (3 Euro for children under 12 accompanied by an adult) /3 Euro per person for schools (free for accompanying teachers)

A guided tour can be combined with one of the workshops (only in Italian).
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